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Composite Fillings / Cosmetic Bonding

Composite Fillings

Modern filling materials mean that nowadays fillings can be natural looking as well as functional. White fillings can be used in almost all of the situations that silver fillings are used. When used in the correct situations white fillings can be as long lasting as silver fillings. There is a slight chance that some people may be allergic to the metals used in silver amalgam fillings. If this sensitivity is proven then it may be best to replace the amalgam fillings with white ones.

Cosmetic Bonding

The latest materials and techniques materials have revolutionized cosmetic bonding. We can now match the natural shade, translucency and texture of your teeth.
Best suited for smaller changes, cosmetic bonding, can close gaps, smooth chips and hide small areas of discoloration. Cosmetic Bonding is usually completed in one session.

Case 1. Cosmetic Bonding

Chips, stains, cracks and misalignment negatively impact your smile. Bonding can effectively mask these flaws. Composite advanced material is used to repair chipped tooth.

  • Before

  • After
Case 2. Cosmetic bonding / Tooth Replacement / Bridge work

Missing teeth can be replaced with bridge-work. Best results can be achieved by combining the latest materials and gum management to make replacement teeth appear to emerge from the gum like a natural tooth.

  • Before

  • After