Routine dental care

Routine dental care

We offer affordable routine care designed to suit your needs. For some patients preventative care is sufficient but for others, more complex care is needed.

Regular intervals between examinations and hygienist sessions will ensure that any issues are discovered and dealt with early before they develop into serious and expensive problems.

What is examined during a routine check-up?

  • The ‘soft’ areas inside and around your mouth, this includes checking for signs of cancer, pre-cancer, and other diseases.
  • The health of your gums, and your vulnerability to gum and tooth problems. Bleeding gums are a sure sign of infection. Recent researches show us that if your gums are infected, the bacteria in your mouth can spread into the rest of your body through your bloodstream, and disease will surely develop if not corrected.
  • Your teeth to detect dental caries or other dental problems. This may be fillings that leak but are not yet causing pain, ledges on old repairs causing bleeding, hairline cracks or erosions causing sensitivity to cold, a bad bite causing headaches.
  • Periodical radiograph examination will also take place.

Why do I need to see the hygienist regularly?

Regular professional cleaning of your teeth and gums combined with your home care will not only improve your appearance and ensure that you have fresh breath but essentially help you keep your teeth for life.

Failure to maintain the health of the gums can cause periodontal disease (gum disease) and if untreated can damage the tissue and bone that support teeth. Gum disease is not only the cause of tooth loss but also related to serious heart problems and general health issues.

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